We offer a full marketing service for  projects, from boutique low rise to residential towers. We cover all the aspects required for  effective marketing of any project and rely  on informed research and a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace to enable successful outcomes. We combine a broad mix of effective sales channels and cost  effective enquiry generating strategies. 

We constantly monitor our processes and generate appropriate, easily digestible  reports empowering project stakeholders  to make informed business decisions.

The Property 360  combines over 40 years of  residential project evaluation and marketing expertise,  delivering end to end solutions to both experienced and new property developers.

•  Site procurement
•  General market research
•  Project design and product mix
•  Market demographics
•  Project feasibilities
•  Funding applications
•  Project marketing
•  Off market strategies
•  Network and retail sales
•  Reducing settlement risk

STRATEGIC REVIEW  (Planning & Implementation)

•  Project analysis - planning and  design layouts
•  Strategic advice relating to unit mix, sizing, price  point analysis, layouts,
•  Determining target markets
•  Establishing selling strategies
•  Designing effective presentation materials
•  Planning advertising programs
•  Managing the selling process till completion
•  Onsite display design
•   Valuation Management
•   Iimplementing 'off plan' selling strategies
•   Multi-Array database marketing systems
•   Monitoring sales progress with developer
•   Market segmentation and buyer profiling
•   Business to Business Property Sales

Project Marketing Services De-Risking Residential Projects From Development Application to Settled Sales 
Valuation Management and Settlement Programs

The valuation of your clients purchase can be a major risk for your development leading up to final settlement. Property 360 are skilled at managing the valuation process, collating comparable supporting sales evidenceand identitfying key factors that influence the end vale and premiums associated with your development and its location.

We understand the importance of managing settlement risk in all developments and as such, we provide a comprehensive service program to all purchaser’s, from initial sale to finance, valuations and settlement.
Investment Property Marketing

Property 360 has an extensive stable of External marketing agents, financial planning and accountancy firms, throughout Australia, that can accelerate your Projects Pre-Sales, minimising your holding costs and maximising your ROI.
Agreed Sales Projections and Marketing Costs

Pre-agreed and tightly controlled marketing expenditure is critical and sales volumes must always fall within the agreed advertising costs.

Sales targets and sales trajectories should always be a percentage of GR
Meticulous time is spent researching sales trajectories of similar projects which gives us the data we require to implement a strategy which supports our sales projections.
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