Suburb Investment Definitions

The definition of outer suburbs and inner ring suburbs is constantly changing. In fact, the old geographic definitions are not on their own considered the only or most important standard when comparing residential property investments.

An inner ring suburb today is not simply a suburb which is 15 KS from the CBD of a city centre. Today it can be different shapes not just a circle we automatically place around the CBD of a capital city. The concept of inner city can be stretched to 18 to 40 ks from a cities centre.  Factors such as Infra structure investment or simply the liveability of a suburb can change the dynamics of a city and what is considered inner ring.

Today we can challenge the idea that the centre of a city is the paramount factor when making residential investment decisions. This does not discount the fact that in Queensland for instance the CBD has the highest employment numbers of any suburb across the state.  So, there is no suggestion that the CBD of a city can be disregarded.

The CBD of any capital city remains one of the most critical factors to be considered when making investment decisions. A more contemporary view of different investment factors and other important drivers such as average incomes in a specific suburb to name just one. Do need to be considered by todays investors and we will expand on these factors in coming months.