About us

Property 360 is a traditional project marketing company and is an amalgam of experienced  professionals who collectively bring a range of property contacts and quality information systems to assist purchasers find the right property and developers sell their projects. We work primarily in Brisbane and Melbourne. 

We attend to a all matters relating to successfully launching, selling and managing the sale of properties in developments and on occasions completed property. Property 360 has no allegiances to any external organisation or development company we are client centric. Every opportunity in our market is fully researched from a multi million dollar project to a single sale. Our research and 360-degree and oversight of the market gives us the market intelligence to make qualified recommendations. 

When qualifying property, we look at many factors these include the following: -
2.Supply factors
3.Quality of construction
4.Proven record of accomplishment of delivery
5.Clearly defined unique features guaranteeing long term growth

Our only standard is our commitment to our clients and a proven record of accomplishment based on many years of experience.